Current Minutes and Member Materials


Basic Project Proposal Form
Basic Evaluation Form

Major GEMINI Report (Spring 2012)

Guyana Project Application Form

Guyana Project Evaluation Form

Steering Committee Guyana Reports for 2012

District 7910 Grant Rules FY 2012

Guatemala Project Evaluation Form 2009 

Mercy Ships Prospectus -- Goodenow and Rourke

Mercy Ship Resources -- Goodenow

Mercy Ship Overview - Johnson

Archive Of Minutes and Agendas

Steering Committee Minutes, November 2010
Notes from August 18, 2009, Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes from October 19, 2009 Steering Committee Meeting
Agenda for August 18, 2009, Board of Directors Meeting
Steering Committee Minutes, November 2012

Directors Meeting March 201l

For Further Information:

Paul H. Gallagher, International Service Director, Westboro Rotary Club, District 7910, 386 West Main Street, Northborough, MA 01532, U.S.A., Phone: 508 393 7900, Fax: 508 393 9622 Email:

Jorge L.Yarzebski, M.D., M.P.H., International Service Co-Director, Westborough Rotary Club, District 7910,
University of Massachusetts Medical School, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, 55 North Lake Avenue, Worcester, MA 01655, U.S.A., Phone: 508 856 5176, Fax: 508 856 0058, E-mail: 

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