Nicaragua Training, 2011

Here are some photos from the recent GEMINI project that was funded by a RI Matching Grant in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Leon that funded the purchase of equipment for the training. The training was over 5 days at the Autonomous University of Nicaragua’s Faculty of Medical Sciences in Leon (UNAN-Leon). The trainers were all American Heart Association-certified trainers and consisted of 3 trainers from UMass (Mariah McNamara MD, Jorge Yarzebski Jr NREMTP, and Roy Clifford NP) , 2 from Mexico and 1 from Texas. Twenty physicians and one UNAN medical student were trained in BLS and ACLS and all 21 passed the AHA test to become AHA certified in BLS;  17/21 passed the ACLS test and are AHA certified in ACLS. Fourteen of the 17 then did the course for to become AHA-certified ACLS and BLS trainers which they now are.

DSCN1010.jpg DSCN1011.jpg DSCN1012.jpg DSCN1013.jpg DSCN1014.jpg
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