GEMINI Trip to the Dominican Republic, October 2010

GEMINI has had an ongoing program to teach emergency medicine in the Dominican
Republic for several years. Our most recent trip was October 10-16, 2010. It
included 5 physicians, 2 nurses and 3 Rotarians from UMass/Memorial Medical
Center. The team conducted classes in two locations – La Vega and La Ramona.
This was the final trip of the matching grant that was begun in 2006. Although the
matching grant was closed in 2008, we returned on this trip to further advance our
Dominican Medical School partner’s goal to become a teaching center for Advanced
Cardiac Life Support. We brought additional teaching equipment with us to replace
what had been worn out by 4 years of use by our teams and the medical school’s
classes. The students receive their American Heart Association manuals to prepare
for the classes and had a passing rate of over 90%. The Rotarian’s on this trip
included District Governors Elect from Districts 7910 and 7930 and Paul Gallagher.