Opportunities for your Rotary Club -- and You

GEMINI offers a world of opportunities for your club and its members. It's a chance to provide much-needed medical help to nations in dire need, meet Rotarians from around the world, see new countries, meet your club's fund-raising and international participation goals, and help build an energetic program. Here's what you can do as a club or individual:

[1] Become a partner in an existing project; we'll help you join one.

[2] Make a financial contribution; it will earn Paul Harris credit to your club

[3] Develop your own GEMINI project; we can provide advice, introductions, help steer a matching grant

[4] Come sit in on our steering committee meetings, consider joining the committee, think of ways you can help as individual or club

[5] Set time aside at one of your club meetings for a GEMINI presentation (contact: )

You'll learn a lot more by reviewing our project development guide:

Gemini Model Framework

For Further Information:

Paul H. Gallagher, International Service Director, Westboro Rotary Club, District 7910, 386 West Main Street, Northborough, MA 01532, U.S.A., Phone: 508 393 7900, Fax: 508 393 9622 Email:

Jorge L.Yarzebski, M.D., M.P.H., International Service Co-Director, Westborough Rotary Club, District 7910, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, 55 North Lake Avenue, Worcester, MA 01655, U.S.A., Phone: 508 856 5176, Fax: 508 856 0058, E-mail: 

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